5 course menu at $195 per person

Trois Petits Plats de l’Est à l’Ouest
Three Small Plated from East to West 

Mariné au Citron Main de Buddha, Citron Meyer Confit,Vinaigrette aux Oursins et Shio Koji, Myoga
Buddha Hand Cured Hamachi, Confit Meyer Lemon, Sea Urchin and Shio Koji Vinaigrette, Myoga
Chef Patrick Kriss

Veau, Truffe Noire et Olives Taggiasca
Homemade Cappelletti Pasta, Veal, Black Truffle and Taggiasca Olives
Chef Riccardo Bertolino

De La Ferme Pine View, Argousier, Purée de Chou Rouge, Cresson, Baies de Prarie Grillées et Ail Noir
Pine View Farm Lamb Two Ways Sea Buckthorn, Red Cabbage Puree, Watercress, Toasted Prairie Berries and Black Garlic
Chef Dale MacKay

Sorbet Muscat Ottonel Hillside Estate Sorbet, Noisette de la Vallée Fraser, Croustillant d’Espelette et Essence de Rose
Hillside Estate Muscat Ottonel Sorbet, Fraser Valley Hazelnut, Espelette Croutillant, Rose Essence

Cinq Textures de Chocolat
Five Textures of Chocolate
Chef Thomas Haas

Maison Boulud celebrates knowledge by hosting three young Canadian chefs, along with Riccardo Bertolino, of course. These four emerging chefs, who continue to raise the bar of culinary art in Canada, will be gathered around their mentor, Daniel Boulud, to create a unique menu during the festival.

Riccardo Bertolino has a deep knowledge of classics, having worked with the greatest chefs in France and with training in the European traditions.

Patrick Kriss’ success story as the #1 restaurant in Canada gives testimony to his focus, talent, creativity, and ambition.

Dale MacKay’ precision, passion and love for western Canada have made him one of the most talented Western Canadian chefs.

Finally, Thomas Haas has an impressive background and is considered by Daniel Boulud as the best pastry chef in the country.